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Easy fundraising online

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Are you planning to raise money for a fundraising event and want to make sure as much money as possible gets to SOS Children?

BT MyDonate, Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving are three of the biggest names in online charity fundraising.

Here, we give you an overview of the benefits of fundraising online, and explain why we believe MyDonate is the best site to use when raising money for SOS Children.

Read more about why MyDonate beats Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving when fundraising online…

Why fundraise using an online site?

Online fundraising is easy through all of these sites. All three are designed to be quick and easy to use so that you can set up a page and start collecting money within minutes. All you need to do to begin raising money is to let the site guide you through the steps and enter the details of your event.

Our charity is listed on all three sites so you don't have to find your own information on SOS Children, and you can opt to automatically insert our charity background onto your page. You can give background information on yourself and your aims, as well as pictures of your event.

When you’re done, you can launch your page. You can tell your friends about your event, spread the news via Facebook or Twitter (don’t feel guilty about asking friends to give more than once!) and watch the contributions approach your target.

On average, pledges made online are higher than offline, helping you reach your fundraising goal quicker.

Any Gift Aid claimed in the UK will increase the value of contributions by 25%. Once the page expires, money is paid to SOS Children you get a thank you from us.

BT MyDonate - more money to help our children

Uniquely in the UK, MyDonate offers online fundraising without any fees or commission. MyDonate is easy to use, and will feel familiar to users of JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving. But while JustGiving deducts 5% in fees from both money pledged and Gift Aid, and Virgin takes a 2% cut of the donation, every penny you raise through MyDonate will come to SOS Children.

There are plenty more reasons why MyDonate is the best option in online fundraising, and if boring details are your thing, we’ve got a whole page to keep you entertained.

Do it online

So if you are planning a fundraising event for SOS Children, we hope you decide to raise money online. This way, you will get the word to more people and attract higher donations. More money will reach the children we support, and your efforts will go further.

If you have any queries about online fundraising, please contact Tara at