Give in memory

Indian girlsGive a donation in memory and celebration of a life

Gifts in memory support children and families at risk and help prevent child abandonment and neglect.

Remembering someone who you cared for by donating to a cause that was dear to them during their lifetime is a wonderful way to pay tribute.

How do I make a donation in memory?

There are a number of ways you and your friends and family can give to SOS Children in memory of a person who has died. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a tribute page on an online giving website. Just Giving has ‘in memory’ pages which you can personalise in a few simple steps and invite friends and family to join you in remembering by giving a donation.  Alternatively you can create a page on BT MyDonate or Virgin Money Giving. At present these sites do not offer the option to raise money in memory of a loved one, but both allow you to fundraise to celebrate a special person.
  • You can donate in memory of a loved one online
  • Send a cheque in memory (made payable to 'SOS Children’) to the postal address below:

SOS Children

Terrington House

13-15 Hills Road



  • Call our office on 01223 365589 with your debit card details.

Funeral and memorial service collections

If you are organising a funeral or memorial service there are several ways to raise money for SOS Children:

  • Have a collection for SOS Children after the service
  • Distribute ‘In memory’ envelopes with a gift aid slip which we can send to you
  • Ask the funeral director to collect donations for SOS Children, cheques to be made payable to ‘SOS Children’.