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"As an international bank, we have a responsibility to invest in the long-term prosperity of the communities we serve. We focus on young people – our future employees, customers, regulators and investors – helping them to reach their potential."

Simon Martin
Head of Corporate Sustainability
HSBC Holdings plc

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HSBC and SOS Children

HSBC Partnership with SOS Children

HSBC logoAround the world millions of children have responsibility for providing their family with income and so miss out on education. Lack of basic education keeps generations in the same poor living conditions.  68 million children of school age are not getting a primary school education, and many more are receiving a poor one.  SOS Children runs nursery, primary and secondary schools, and essential vocational training, making sure that the young people in our care have the opportunity to grow up with the education and training they need to realise their potential and become active members of society.  Our vocational training centres extend into the communities around our SOS Children’s Villages.  Along with our partners and donors, we are investing in sustainable communities and future generations.

Our work with HSBC

Children from Philippines, HSBCHSBC has been working with SOS Children since 2004 in the area of education. The partnership is truly global and brings life-changing education opportunities to thousands of children all over the world.

From growing lettuces in Lima, Peru; to training hairdressers in Yerevan, Armenia; from a school bus in Iloilo, the Philippines; to schooling children affected by HIV/AIDS in Chipata, Zambia; HSBC’s support has a positive impact on the lives of young people by making sure they get the education opportunities they need and deserve. HSBC employees also get involved in volunteering with local SOS Children projects, bringing their valuable experience and knowledge to the children.

Future First: investing in the next generation

Children and their mother, HSBCIn 2006, HSBC established Future First, a programme involving SOS Children as a key partner, as well as other not-for-profit organisations.  Through this programme they aim to provide some of the world’s most marginalised and impoverished young people with access to education and life-skills. Since 2006, HSBC has donated US$16 million to Future First, helping nearly 593,000 children in 56 countries. A further US$9 million is pledged for the next three years to support SOS Children and the other not-for-profit organisations enable more children to access education.

Future First forms part of HSBC’s overall community investment programme. Every year, HSBC spends around half of its community investment donations on helping young people reach their potential by providing access to education, developing life-skills and entrepreneurship, and building global citizenship.

Case Study

Adeline Gouenon was just three when she was abandoned in a busy market-place in Abidjan, the commercial capital of the Ivory Coast. After a year in a state nursery, Adeline moved to a SOS Children’s Village, where she was cared for and her talents nurtured.

Today, Adeline is a talented sportswoman, studying English and sports development at Loughborough University in the UK. Through HSBC’s partnership with SOS Children, Adeline was offered an HSBC scholarship covering part of her course fees, accommodation and living expenses at Loughborough for three years.

Adeline is just 18 years old and is already a part of the Ivory Coast 4 x 100 metres relay team. She has high hopes of running at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Adeline's sights are set firmly on a career as a top athlete and sports journalist. She explains: ‘I want to do well for my SOS family, my SOS mother and my country. They helped me to get where I am now and I want them to be proud of me.’

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