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Children from Pakistan

“Whatever you spend that is good for parents and relations and orphans and the destitute.” 2:215

Giving is a central tenet of Islam. This Ramadan, make a real and lasting change to children in need.

For your Zakat contribution, you can donate to SOS Children. You can donate your Zakat in any of the 125 countries where we work. Click the button below and choose how much you would like to donate and if you would like to support SOS Children in a specific country. In line with Islamic law and the spirit of Zakat, your donation will be held in a special non-interest earning account.

Donate Zakat

SOS Children in Pakistan

For over 35 years SOS Children’s Villages in Pakistan have been giving orphaned and abandoned children  a mother, brothers & sisters, a home and a better future.

You can sponsor a child in Pakistan here:

Sponsor in Pakistan

SOS Children in Palestinian Territories

Children at Marrakesh, Morocco

We have been working in the Palestinian Territories since 1968, and now have two SOS Children’s Villages in the country, located in Bethlehem and Rafah-Gaza. Over 200 orphaned and abandoned children have found a home, where they can stay until they reach independence.

You can sponsor a child in Palestinian Territories here:

Sponsor in Palestinian Territories

SOS Children in Morocco

Our five SOS Children’s Villages in Morocco offer a safe and welcoming home for over 500 children with no one else to care for them.

You can sponsor a child in Morocco here:

Sponsor in Morocco

If you have any questions about our work or child sponsorship, please contact us.