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Lesson plans and country resources

Pupils and teacher in front of blackboard, BasseTo help teachers educate students and pupils about the lives of children across the world our charity has developed a set of lesson plans which are free to download and easy to use.

All lesson plans come complete with resources and the teacher's notes are easy to follow. They're perfect to just print off and bring to the classroom, or to use to pick and choose between the different activities:

Content KS Curriculum links
Cross Africa
Africa United
Assembly notes to be used with film clips from the film 'Africa United' (available online)
Year 11+
geography citizenship PSHE
Angola An SOS Children's Village
Using flash cards and working in small groups, pupils are encouraged to agree on needs of orphaned and abandoned children in Angola
KS 1-3
geography citizenship english
Gambia A visit to an SOS Children's Village
A board game through which pupils can explore life in the SOS Children's Village in Basse, the Gambia.
KS3+, or KS1-2 with assistance.
India Child labour
Encourages pupils to think about why child labour is so common in some countries, and how they can help to stop the practice.
geography citizenship english
India Child labour
Encourages pupils to think about why child labour is so common in some countries, and how they can help to stop the practice. This version includes an interactive role play.
KS4+ geography citizenship english
This lesson focuses on the impact HIV/AIDS has on Malawian society, and presents some of the challenges those working for SOS Children in the country face.
KS4+ geography PSHE   citizenship   english
Pakistan Flood disaster (KS1-2 and KS 3-4)
This lesson plan uses a fictional story which gives pupils a chance to think about the challenges children in Pakistan faced after the flood disaster in 2010.
geography   citizenship
Pakistan Flood disaster - assembly.
An assembly introducing the flood disaster which affected Pakistan in 2010.
All levels, but teacher pre-viewing is recommended.
geography    citizenship
Uganda Child soldiers
Includes an activity where students are given the chance to understand more of what it would be like to be a child soldier.
teacher pre-viewing recommended.
geography    citizenship   english      
USA SOS Children in the USA
This lesson draws attention to how orphaned and abandoned children is not a problem in just developing countries, but also in developed countries. Introduces students to social issues in the US, providing a platform to discuss similar matters in the UK.
KS4 geography    citizenship   english

Our Africa homepage imageOur Africa teaching resources

We also have a collection of information and films made by children in our SOS Children's Villages across Africa on There are also a number of Our Africa teaching resources which you can use in the classroom or as homework exercises.

Scout resources

We have a number of resources available for scouts and scout groups which you can download and use.

Country Resources

If you want information about the work of our charity in particular countries you can find that here:


World Map

All the countries we support in the UK are listed below:


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