Sponsor a childhood

A girl behind a door - Indonesia

Sponsoring a child is a really good way to change the future for the better for one of the many thousands of children who live in our SOS Children's Villages. You can give regularly, or you can give a lump sum now - and sponsor the whole childhood of one of the children. 

To do this you need to make a one-off gift of £5000.  We will use this to pay for a sponsorship for a child until she or he is grown up and independent - and £10 each year on their birthday will go into a savings account for your sponsored child.

There is flexibility in amount and duration where required. We will arrange for you to receive all the usual sponsorship communications for your child including a photograph and regular updates.

Small Print

The following "small print" on this is important, so we are not putting it in small type:

  • We will not use any part of this gift to pay for any UK administration costs or other UK costs, but we may use some of any earned interest for UK costs such as sending you communications, and we may use some of it for other projects abroad.
  • Our actual costs of postage etc. running a sponsorship are around £1 a month.
  • Occasionally children do leave our sponsorship programs for a variety of reasons (for example, after the genocide in Rwanda we were still reuniting children with parents even years after the authorities had given up hope). Should the child reach independence or leave our sponsorship programme before the sponsorship has finished we will use the remaining funds as a village sponsorship for other projects at that location, and you or your nominee will get sponsorship information for the location.
Sponsor a childhood now