Testimonial from Europe

Child from Brovary, UkraineHere we have feedback from Harriet, who visited SOS Children's Village Brovary in Ukraine in 2010:

"The man who showed me around was so interesting, and he took the time to explain everything in clear slow Russian so I could understand, and he also showed me a power point presentation and told me about some of the tragic history of some of the children there.

Then one of the families welcomed me to their home, showed me around, and even gave me a bowl of soup and some tea - I was so touched. It was fascinating to see the work the charity is doing out there - the homes are so comfortable and feel like really normal family homes, something which I'm sure some of these children had never experienced before coming here.

I have so much respect for the 'mothers' who look after them, and for the personal care and attention they pay to each child. Its really special in a place like Ukraine, where I think kids can just get lost in the system, to find a place where siblings are kept together, and where children don't constantly get passed from one foster parent or institution to another, but are given a sense of stability and normality."

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