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 Creating a fraction through division of whole numbers.mp4 5.01 MB
 Decimals and Fractions.mp4 4.59 MB
 Decomposing a fraction visually.mp4 11.81 MB
 Fraction word problems 1 exercise.mp4 11.3 MB
 Fractions cut and copy 1 exercise.mp4 8.18 MB
 Fractions cut and copy 2 exercise example.mp4 8.4 MB
 Fractions in lowest terms.mp4 11.05 MB
 Identifying Fraction Parts.mp4 6.62 MB
 Introduction to fractions.mp4 9.79 MB
 My share of soap as a mixed number on a number line.mp4 5.28 MB
 Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction.mp4 4.82 MB
 Ordering Fractions.mp4 14.2 MB
 Ordering numeric expressions.mp4 8.42 MB
 Plotting basic fractions on the number line.mp4 6.19 MB
 Points on a number line.mp4 3.28 MB
 Postive improper fractions on the number line.mp4 2.09 MB
 Proper and Improper Fractions.mp4 2.94 MB
 Recognizing fractions exercise.mp4 3.32 MB
 Representing a number as a decimal, percent, and fraction.mp4 7.17 MB
 Visualizing equivalent fractions.mp4 8.74 MB