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Pneumonia in immunocompromised host

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Pneumococci organism
Pneumococci organism
The lungs
The lungs
Respiratory system
Respiratory system

Alternative Names    Return to top

Pneumonia in immunodeficient patient

Definition    Return to top

Pneumonia in an immunocompromised host describes a lung infection that occurs in a person whose ability to fight infection is greatly reduced.

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Causes    Return to top

People who are immunocompromised have a defective immune response. Because of this, they are susceptible to infections by germs that typically do not cause disease in healthy people. They are also more vulnerable to the usual causes of pneumonia, which can affect anyone.

Immunosuppression can be caused by:

Symptoms    Return to top

Other symptoms that may occur:

Exams and Tests    Return to top

The doctor may hear crackles or other abnormal breath sounds when listening to the chest with stethoscope. Lack of breath sounds can be an important sign, because it may mean there is a buildup of fluid between the chest wall and lung.

Tests may include:

Treatment    Return to top

Antibiotics or antifungal medicines are used, depending on the type of germ that is causing the infection. Patients usually must stay in the hospital, at least during the early stages of the illness.

Oxygen and respiratory treatments to remove fluid and mucus are often needed.

Outlook (Prognosis)    Return to top

The outcome may be poor if the pneumonia is caused by a virus or fungus, or if the patient is severely immunosuppressed.

Possible Complications    Return to top

When to Contact a Medical Professional    Return to top

Call your health care provider if you are immunosuppressed and you have symptoms of pneumonia.

Prevention    Return to top

Limit exposure of immunocompromised people to others who are ill.

References    Return to top

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