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Behavior - unusual or strange

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Central nervous system
Central nervous system

Alternative Names    Return to top

Acting strangely

Definition    Return to top

Unusual or strange behavior involves performing actions that are not normal for the person.

Considerations    Return to top

Unusual or strange behavior may include:

Causes    Return to top

There are many causes of unusual or strange behavior, including medical and psychiatric illnesses. Two of the more common causes are:

Possible causes of strange behavior in older people include:

Possible causes in people of all ages include:

Home Care    Return to top

A doctor should check any unusual behaviors or personality changes. Treatments are based on the following causes of delirium:

When to Contact a Medical Professional    Return to top

Contact your regular health care provider or a doctor who treats disorders of the nervous system (neurologist) if:

What to Expect at Your Office Visit    Return to top

The health care provider will perform a physical examination and will take a medical history. The physical examination will probably include a detailed evaluation of the nervous system (neurological evaluation).

Medical history questions may include:

The following tests may be performed:

Update Date: 2/13/2008

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